Bring new life to work

WIV upgrades office buildings by adding a holistic customer-centric experience that improves workers’ happiness, wellness, and productivity. WIV increases customer satisfaction, optimizes occupancy, and benefits people, companies, and landlords.

A place to grow

Guided by a holistic and humanistic approach to business, we give our tenants personal services that meet and exceed every expectation from their workspaces. WIV creates a supporting and caring environment, enabling a better, more appropriate place for you to be yourself... and so much more.

Positive Energy

Organizational energy is one of the most important and most powerful resources of businesses in today’s world. Engaged employees bring commitment and enthusiasm to their day-to-day work. WIV's mission is to increase the levels of positive energy in tangible ways all day, every day.

>Positive Energy
  1. Wellbeing

    Promote mental & physical wellbeing in every aspect possible. Enable every tenant in every work environment to improve his/ her personal wellbeing.

  2. Innovation

    Use new technological abilities and innovative approaches to create a whole new experience in established and traditional work environments.

  3. Serviceability

    'We are here for you', composing the best fit and most beneficial office experience with the highest levels of service and care.

WIV Got It All

WIV provides a variety of high quality services, amenities and activities, all to create the complete wellbeing experience in the workplace.

  • Community Management
  • Professional events
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Meditation classes
  • Time-Saving Personal Services
  • Bike rent & storage
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Luxury lobby
  • Sport activites
  • Kids and family activities
  • Co-working areas
  • Car wash
  • Meeting rooms
  • Business Services
  • Gym
  • Coffee and herbal tea
  • Business and personal mail box
  • Showers
  • Designed common areas
  • Grocery Shopping

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