Welcome to Wiv.club, which is an online platform ("Platform"), owned and managed by Wiv.club, an Israeli company number 511834533, mailing address: Hasholosha 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6744320, Israel. Email: info@wiv.club. ("WIV"/Wiv.club"). The Platform is a web based site, the address of which is site www. wiv.club. (The "Website")

These fees and payments terms for users of the Platform (the "Fees and Payments Terms") are meant to regulate the amounts billed for use, registration and participation of services and activities provided by the Platform and are a part of the WIV.CLUB Terms of Use posted on the WIV.CLUB website.

The definitions in these Fees and Payments Terms are as stated in the general Wiv.club Terms of Use.

The Fees and Payments will be as follows: 

 Booking a room -  Community Mangers will be able to choose the currency they wish to pay for the Services. 

Payment for Service Orders

  1. Payments for Service Order will be made via the Website.
  2. A transaction will not be completed until the Website's management approves such transaction.
  3. The payment for each Service Order will be connected to the Building Owner's bank account.
  4. The Admin will determine which Users are able to book Service Orders.
  5. The Admin will make the room reservation for the Managers and authorized Users at their request. 
  6. When a Service Order to book a room is placed – an amount from the updated credit card of the relevant Admin will be held until execution of the meeting.
  7. The payment will be charged and finalized upon the scheduled time of the meeting.
  8. Payments for all rooms ordered by each Admin will be listed in the designated page on the Website.
  9. twenty percent (20%) of each Payment for Services will be automatically transferred, immediately upon execution of charge, to WIV's bank account. The Wiv.club payout will be charged in USD.
  10. At the end of each month WIV will issue a detailed invoice/receipt to each Admin/Manager which will detail the Services booked that month and confirmation of payment.
  11. WIV may change its fees from time to time by posting the changes on the Website fourteen (14) days in advance, but with no advance notice for temporary promotions or any changes that result in the reduction of the fees. 
  12. All amounts for Services shall include VAT.
  13. Prices presented on the Website shall be valid for purchases made via the Website only.
  14. Building Owners/Managers will pay any conversion fees if needed in connection to any Service Orders made in their behalf.