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5 tools every HR professional needs to try right now

July 6, 2021

We all love technology and apps that make our lives easier, don't we? No matter the type of app or service, if it has a positive impact on our lives, we give it a shot and install it on our smartphone or laptop. This article contains a list of 5 great apps that we personally love and use. These tools can save you hours of time, or make a meaningful impact on your quality of life.

1. Poised

Ever since 2019-2020 brought with it the COVID pandemic, online meetings have become even more integrated into our day-to-day workflow. I find, being effective in an online meeting requires a different set of skills than face-to-face meetings. Facial expressions are magnified, voice tone and speech speed are more important than ever to convey your meaning over a potentially shaky internet connection.

Poised is a communication analyzer for online meetings and presentations and gives real-time feedback on how effectively you are communicating online. Using artificial intelligence to analyze your face, voice tone, speech clarity, and speed, it provides you with real-time metrics to analyze your online presence. The dashboard gives ongoing stats on the impression you are broadcasting to your meeting, highlighting areas to work on to build your online meeting competence.

2. Smiling Mind

Daily stress takes a toll. Whether mediating interpersonal disputes, negotiating with potential candidates, or understanding new workplace legislation, continuous pressure can accumulate. With stress being a leading cause of illness and having a direct effect on our immune system, actively managing stress has never been more important.

Introducing Smiling Mind, a non-profit web and app-based meditation program to help reduce stress, and build mental resilience. Developed by psychologists and educators, it offers a range of different mindfulness-building courses, from short 3-minute meditations to practical skills you can take with you into the real world.

Try listening to a walking meditation on the way to work or take just 5 minutes off between tasks and see the impact that a few minutes of mindfulness can have on your day.

3. Smart Calendar

Tacking the annual company event calendar can be a chore. Trying to remember the significant dates and plan memorable experiences can literally take weeks to put together, let alone implement.

The Smart Calendar at can thankfully do a lot of the planning for you. With the help of their calendar, you can create events with the click of a button. Instead of spending hours thinking about important dates, simply scroll through the calendar selecting relevant celebrations for your company. When you have chosen your dates, you can also decide to purchase employee gifts, order catering, or after-work drinks. Once you have created your order the rest is up to – they will contact suppliers and do all the leg work to get your supplies to you by your event.

Through their Smart Calendar tool, it is easy to generate event ideas, plan event calendars and arrange catering and gifts, all with the click of a button.

4. Noisli

Noisli is a simple but ingenious app. Providing a point of auditory focus, Noisili, is an app that creates playlists to match your environment and mood and helps cut through background noise. The site is minimalistic, displaying several calming colors that change in the background and simple icons such as a cloud, leaf, or coffee mug for you to mix and match as you please.

Noisili helps remove distractions and get your mind into the space you want, presenting 3 options: a random sound set, a sound set for increased productivity (perfect at work), and a calming set.  The site even provides a built-in text editor for you to write down thoughts get to work in a different atmosphere. Highly recommended.

5. Wordtune

Creating the perfect sentence takes time and energy. Constantly re-drafting emails and documents so they hit the right notes can be an arduous task. Translating information from one language into English can take far more time than anticipated.

Helping you create word-perfect emails every time, Wordtune selects the best word, phrase, and tone for all of your correspondence. As a handy browser-based tool to correct and re-write your English, Wordtune takes what you have already written and offers solutions on how to rephrase your content. With Wordtune you can elevate your language, or make it sound more casual depending on your correspondence.  When translating information, simply enter the text and select the best translations sentence-by-sentence.


There you have it! Our top 5 apps or services helping you remain productive, calm, and professional! Which of these apps will you try out? Have we missed any that you think are noteworthy? Check out some of our other articles for industry tips, amazing apps, and creative ideas to improve your daily workflow.

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