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Creating a Generation Z Company Culture

February 15, 2021

Creating a Generation Z Company Culture

Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2010) will soon overcome Millennials in the most populous generation on earth. Even though Millennials are still the dominant workforce, Generation Z are taking their first steps into the working world and will soon be taking over. Whilst Generation Z are very similar to millennials, they hold very different values, needs and priorities. To ensure that we are offering them the best employee experience, it is time that organizations start making actions to ensure that the company culture welcomes the new generation.


The Deliotte 2020 Global Millennial Survey found that almost half (48%) of Generation Z respondents confirm that they frequently experience anxiety. As people leaders, we know that unaddressed employee anxiety and stress can result in absenteeism, turnover and decreased productivity. Therefore, it is extremely important to start encouraging a supportive company culture that cares about their employee well-being.

Whilst offering flexible working, private healthcare packages and employee assistance programs are excellent incentives, a strong company culture of wellness helps and encourages their employees to live their healthiest and happiest lives. Is your company going beyond the traditional employee benefits?

Having an authentic digital wellness platform that provides exclusive services and products promoting regular exercise, balanced diet and sleep will help reduce employee stress and increase employee well-being.


With most companies, employee performance evaluation occurs every quarter, some yearly. Whilst that would work with other generations, a 2018 State of Generation Z report uncovered that 66% of Generation Z respondents would like weekly feedback on their performance, and 40% wanting daily interaction with their manager.

Generation Z employees want more personal working relationships with their employers. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that Managers will have to take hours out of their day to meet with every young employee. The key point here is regular communication to make them feel like they are supported – by simply having two-minute conversations on an online communication application. As remote working is also be coming more common (especially due to the recent pandemic), having an online communication tool is the norm to keeping teams together, and engaged.

Create a company culture that values communication on a Generation Z level, and you are sure on your way to being an Employer of Choice, providing a positive employee experience, boosting morale and productivity.

Rewards and Recognition

The Roman Philosopher Cicero once said, ‘Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all others. Keeping employees engaged in the workplace is highly important for an organization’s success. Just like previous generations, Generation Z want to be rewarded and recognized for their hard work. Research sponsored by DaVinci Payments in 2019 found that 79% of younger employees would be more loyal to their employers if there were an increase in rewards and recognition.

Employees also tend to go above and beyond their job requirements when they have a sense of recognition in the workplace.

Generation Z have grownup in the digital age – only ever knowing a world with internet and mobile phones. This means that your Rewards and Recognition programs need to be technologically advanced, as a paper and pen reward system just won’t cut it for Generation Z. Having an online application that showcases employee’s hard work will really make them feel appreciated and enhance their employee experience. Such recognition can be in a form of awarding badges and trophies tailored to the company values and employee achievements.

Promoting an appreciative company culture, doesn’t mean relying solely on recognition from leaders. In fact, incorporating a peer-to-peer recognition scheme can enhance amore successful company culture. Having an online recognition platform can allow employees to nominate each other for rewards. Not only will individuals benefit, but it will create a stronger sense of community, enhancing employee well-being, employee experience and overall positive company culture.

Every generation has its own unique set of characteristics, but Generation Z are different from previous generations – they are the generation of technology. To ensure the new generation of workers are happy and engaged, organizations need to integrate technology into every facet of the company. Its time to start thinking about investing in the future company culture and bringing happiness to the heart of your company with

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