Improve work-life balance with a digital wellness platform

March 16, 2021

Improve work-life balance with a digital wellness platform

Trying to juggle expectations at work and fulfilling a personal life is often a struggle for the
modern employee. Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have
transitioned to remote working and the natural boundaries employees once had between
work and life has been eliminated.

Why is work-life balance important?

The CIPD 2020 UK Working Lives Survey found that 26% of workers find that work interferes
with personal commitments, with a quarter of workers admitting to having difficulties
relaxing in their own time as they are constantly thinking about work. The report also
uncovers that two in three workers (66%) say that in the past 12 months they have
experienced work-related health issues such as anxiety and sleep problem.
Ensuring that your workforce is work-life balanced is important as you do not want an
organisation with over-stressed and burnt out employees. Stressed and burnt out employees
will not only lead to work-related health issues and absences; it can also be detrimental to
employee engagement. As people leaders we know that engaged employees are more
productive – so it is important to encourage your employees to find a healthy work-life

Promoting a culture of work-life balance can also enhance retention rates. A 2020 Investors
in People report revealed that 22% of respondents cited that one of the main reasons for
looking for a new job is for a better work-life balance. Creating a work-life balanced culture
will not only increase retention rates but can also supply you with the competitive advantage
in recruiting the best talent.
A culture of work-life balance holds multiple benefits for an organisation and its employees.
There are many ways that you can encourage employees to adopt a more balanced approach
towards their working and personal lives. Some approaches can be in the form of offering
employee assistance programmes or flexible working. A digital wellness programme can also
be leveraged to help employees devise strategies to manage their hectic lives. A wellness
platform can also be utilised as an additional resource or company benefit for employees to
practice healthy habits.

How a digital wellness platform can improve work-life balance:

Whilst struggling to obtain a work-life balance, employees are unfortunately putting their
health aside. If they are not taking care of their own needs, it will prove hard for them to be
completely successful in other areas of their life. Investing in a digital wellness platform is one

of the best ways to encourage employees to adopt a healthy work-life balance – especially
when work has become remote.
Providing your employees with a platform where they can access articles, lectures and
workshops will allow them to educate themselves and enhance their mental, physical, and
emotional wellbeing from anywhere - whether in the office or the comfort of their own home.
When your employees know how to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance, they are
more likely to have lower stress levels and higher job satisfaction which will inevitably have a
positive impact on the business.
Due to the pandemic, remote work has become the new normal for most organisations. This
can create challenges in identifying employees who are struggling with balancing their work
and private lives. A digital wellness program can aid in creating employee surveys and polls
to understand the challenges that are faced in achieving a work-life balance. Understanding
these areas that are causing problems can then be used for early intervention to prevent
burnout out or work-related health issues.
An organisation can say that they support work-life balance, however, their actions need to

prove it. Leaders must become role models and display behaviours of investing in their well-
being and work-life balance to encourage employees to do the same. Your employees are

your most important asset; by empowering them to take control over their work and personal
lives, you are helping your organisation's success.
Invest in a digital wellness platform like wiv.club and create a thriving company of happiness
and growth.

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