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Nonprofit Marketing: 8 Steps to Creating a Strong Plan

We’ve come to appreciate nonprofits as the driving organizations for making the world a better place. But as ironic as it may sound, a nonprofit still has to function like a business for this key reason: To raise funds. Because without donations, a nonprofit can’t turn a cause into a tangible outcome. 

That’s why nonprofits need marketing – to promote their organization and inspire potential members to support their cause. In this article, we’ll explore eight outreach practices and key tactics to help you meet your ongoing goals.

1. Explore The Societal Impact
Many nonprofit organizations exist to benefit society. Charities are some of the most common nonprofit events. Some nonprofits get involved with the fine arts and may even host performances to raise funds. Other nonprofits specialize in education, social services, and environmental causes. Lean into the social benefits of your organization with your marketing and make those values the core of your brand.

2. Become Familiar With Your “Buyer Persona”
Know the details of your ideal donor or member. Businesses often create a buyer persona as a common marketing practice. A buyer persona is a documented representation of your ideal customer. 

For example, an IT company may want to know the details of a high-powered network executive as its potential customer. For your nonprofit, the buyer persona will likely be local families, educators, or influencers as primary donors. 

Know who they are, and cater to them specifically. By understanding their needs and articulating how your organization can serve them, you can increase their interest in your organization and ultimately their support.

3. Show Appreciation Towards Your Donors And Supporters
When someone donates or takes another action to support your cause, reward them in a way relevant to your organization. Recognition builds appreciation, fosters long-term relationships, and leads to organic collateral growth. Incentivize satisfied donors or members to recruit others to support your cause by creating a loyalty program.

4. Leverage Visual Marketing Techniques
For social media, integrate visual elements such as infographics and videos into your outreach marketing strategy. Studies show that social media users increasingly resonate more with visuals, especially videos, than with text-based posts. Instead of telling the story, show the story. Find imagery that grabs the attention of your ideal supporters and inspires them to join the cause.

5. Build Relationships With Donors
As donors stick with you, treat them like potential partners with your nonprofit organization. Cultivate long-term relationships with them by using a loyalty system to organize conversations. Lastly, encourage them to advocate for your organization by spreading the word to their family and friends.

6. Utilize CRM To Maximize Existing Donors
Standing for Customer Relationship Management, CRM software can automate your member and donor outreach processes and maximize their involvement with your nonprofit organization. More sophisticated CRMs can help personalize communications and track relationships with donors and members over time.

7. Get Visible On Relevant Social Media Platforms
Every social media platform has its own unique features and appeals to different demographics. So make sure every one of your nonprofit’s social media accounts leverages the best aspects of the platform and the content resonates with the audience.

8. Use Member Directories To Build Trust and Benefit Donors
Member directories facilitate organic internal networking opportunities. They help keep everyone on the same page, organize member information, and build trust. Also, having a member directory adds a professional touch to your organization.

Use Nonprofit Marketing Strategies To Your Advantage

Whether you’re integrating a member directory, utilizing social media, or forming a loyalty program, nonprofit marketing strategies ultimately give your organization a way to boost member engagement. And with engagement, your organization will naturally be able to raise funds and create loyal advocates. Discover how else your nonprofit can boost membership and community engagement here.

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